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A building to stand the test of time

The One Market Lane building has been designed to meet the latest New Zealand Building Code structural requirements.

The structural and seismic design for One Market Lane has been undertaken by Dunning Thornton Consultants, a Wellington-based firm of consulting engineers. Dunning Thornton Consultants is recognised for its skill and innovation, both for new developments and for seismic strengthening.

The building structure has been designed to meet a minimum of 100 percent of the current Building Code requirements to provide a high level of seismic performance. In addition, the design has incorporated lessons learned from recent seismic research and academic studies.

The apartment superstructure will consist of composite concrete-steel flooring supported on a framework of steel beams and columns with seismic bracing provided by a reinforced-concrete shear core. The structure is founded predominantly on deep caisson piles, extending between 30-35 metres into the ground.